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A hearty TOAST To the Texas COAST

A New Place to Perch

Sun-soaked and brimming with fish, the Texas Coast remains the inspiration behind our newest watering hole. What you’ll find there is what you’ll find here: raw oysters, whole fish, and folks who know that full flavor comes from the freshest catch.


The Dish on Fish Camp

Growing up, Levi Goode and his father Jim would travel to Christmas Bay in search of speckled trout, flounder, and redfish nestled near the sandy shoreline. After hours in the sun, they’d return to “fish camp”—a stilt house standing above the water—to take stock of their haul and finally, rest. Our Fish Camp today celebrates those same simple joys: straightforward cooking, swapped stories, and time together. We hope you enjoy.

Sea by the Season

After bringing in the best the Gulf Coast has to offer each day, we pair our haul with homegrown ingredients that let the seafood shine. Whether you’re ordering up catfish beignets or turning an eye towards our seasonal menu, there’s plenty to savor and share. So go ahead—dive in.

Chilled Out

Crab, shrimp, oysters with sliced lemon and all the fixins—whatever you're craving, we’ll help crack it open. Including cold beer.

Did you know?

Stilt Houses

Meander through the channels of the Gulf and you’ll happen upon the over 400 homes standing above the sparkling bays. Together, these “stilt houses” create an intercoastal community that welcomes fishermen and boat-bound travelers to deepen their appreciation for our shared waters.